Ohmtrix – Drenched EP

Ohmtrix - Drenched EP
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Foto Sounds
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Foto Sounds continue their mean-streak with ‘Drenched’, a 3-track immersion chamber from Ohmtrix. This dungeon crawler follows a slew of dark and energetic rollers from Wheelton, Unkey (label co-owner), 11th Hour and also Gnasha, who discussed her debut release with us last year. You can cop ‘Drenched’ on the Foto Sounds Bandcamp as part of your big, artist supporting haul this Friday, then at all your other favourite outlets a week later.

Crafting solid 140 for over a decade now, Ohmtrix has previously seen success on Macabre Unit Digital, Untied and Hatched. Adding to his portfolio of dancefloor igniters, ‘Drenched’ is ready to hit home on Foto Sounds. Splitting at the seams, title track ‘Drenched’ unleashes dark, tongue-twisting basslines that writhe between slices of Gaudi-mosaic percussion. Continuing the EP’s descent, ‘Informer’ glints with traces of old-school house and garage while burrowing deep into the driving, crisp-clean synth-work of dungeon 140. Emerging from a subterranean ocean of 90’s TV static, sirens and piano jabs from the realm of Chestplate echo across a battery of sharpened hi-hats, smacking snares and rolling basslines that revolt into split-seconds of pure distortion.

As musicians, the Foto Sounds owners Khanum and Unkey have a wealth of music released between them on labels like Deep, Dark and Dangerous, Dubs Galore, and Uprise Audio. Having honed their own voices on diverse imprints, they’re now shaping the sonic signature of Foto Sounds: dark, energetic and shimmering with meticulous percussion, just as Ohmtrix embodies in ‘Drenched’.

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