Karma – Meanings // Neon Trails


Two long awaited tracks from Innamind Records regular and GD4YA cohort, Karma, have finally been carved into white label wax. Revolving across side-A is the slow-burning space odyssey, ‘Meanings’, whose tension-deepening strings were first released digitally as part of the Japanese collective Back To Chill’s “Mugen” compilation in 2014. The reverse, ‘Neon Trails’, drags uncharted galaxies down into the streets of South East London. Claustrophobic wobbles oscillate the dancefloor beneath cemented horn stabs; rough movement softens the abyss-staring echoes of a life-supporting pulse.

‘Meanings’ and ‘Neon Trails’ are searching for something within the same universe and could run just as well if this record were carved into a mobius strip. Announced this Father’s Day and sold out within minutes, the release is dedicated to Karma’s father, Nicholas Bornoff, whose legacy as an author, journalist, film critic, director, artist and academic can be glimpsed within the distant moons of this sound system-bound white label.

Meanings // Neon Trails Ltd White Label 12″ is available on Karma’s Bandcamp.

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