TRUSIK Radio | Transmission 005 with Zygos

Sub FM

Transmission 005 of TRUSIK Radio explores the depths of dub hauntology with Adam Prescott’s “Ism” and the nuclear wastes of an irradiated future Japan with anarcho-dub prophets G36. Featuring a special guest mix from Zygos ahead of our forthcoming record as well as the latest in dubstep via CITY1, Josi Devil, Pugilist, and Noir.



The God’s Planet – Days (Donato Dozzy RMX) [TGP004]
Pugilist – Untitled (feat. ILK) [dubplate]
Beat Pharmacy – Vagabond (33rpm) [KHALPHONIC011]
Adam Prescott – Ism [LIONCHGX002]
G36 – Black Mass [HOTLINE17]
G36 – Militant [PRESH005]
Nazamba – Vex [PRESH004]
G36 – Vex Riddim [PRESH005]
Mystik – Seppuku [MH002]
Al Wootoon – Selah [THULE002]
Pugilist – Fire & Brimstone [dubplate]
Blue Hill – Natty Natty (Bukkha VIP) [DS-DP007]



J:Kenzo – Kingston Hot [ZAMZAM69]
Noir – Eighty Six [dubplate]
J:Kenzo – Concrete Jungle (feat. Son of Selah) [ZAMZAM69]
Noir – Portion [dubplate]
G36 – No Escape [HOTLINE19]
Josi Devil – Digidub [forthcoming Moonshine Recordings]
Macker – Untitled [MCKR001]
DubDiggerz – Spear Dub [PLANTPOWER002]
Pugilist – Silkworm [dubplate]
Pugilist – Solaris [ARTKL029]
CITY1 – Buluu [dubplate]
DubDiggerz – Intemi [PLANTPOWER002]
CITY1 – Cosmic Chant [dubplate]
Cyrus – Nostalgia [CHST019]
Halcyonic & G Roots (feat. Tenor Steppa) – Holy Dub [LIONCHG022]
Pugilist – Reminiscence [dubplate]
Hypho – Regulate (feat. OldGold) [forthcoming MD001]
CITY1 – Tribal Connection [GB021]

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