TRUSIK Radio | Transmission 006

Sub FM

With the weather warming up, it was only appropriate to run a swath of Jah Shaka records for the first hour. As the second breezes by, dub techno flavors emerge from Another Channel, Mystik and Akcept only to morph further into newer releases from Ago’s Above EP from Innamind to forthcoming TRUSIK from Back To Chill’s CITY1.


Earl Cunningham – Man in Africa [SHAKA832]
Jah Shaka – Life Time Dub [SHAKA865]
Tony Tuff – Give Thanks and Praise [SHAKA997]
Tony Tuff – Give Thanks and Praise Dub [SHAKA997]
Roger Robin – Them Say We Wrong [SHAKA992]
Junior Brown – Warriors [SHAKA822]
Roger Robin – Journey On [SHAKA992]
Jah Shaka – Inheritance [SHAKA872]
Dread and Fred – Scratch Dubbing [SHAKA915]
Jah Shaka – Father & Son [SHAKA872]
Dread and Fred – Jah Send Me [SHAKA915]
Horace Andy x Jah Shaka – The Truth [SHAKA947]
Max Romeo x Jah Shaka – God Created Man [SHAKALP951]
Max Romeo x Jah Shaka – God Created Dub [SHAKA953]
Dubkasm – Ajax’s Blues [PengSound012]
Dubkasm – Malaap Dub [PengSound012]
Systemwide – Liberation [Dubkasm RMX] [ZAMZAM51]
Another Channel – Youths of Today [dubplate]
Mystik – Seppuku [MH002]
Akcept – Going in Circles [MH006]
Biodub – Schweben [MCB002]
Pugilist – Reformation [TRSK005]
Jus Wan – Avoid the Noid [Headhunter RMX] [red002]
Pugilist – Syncopate [MH003]
Ago – So I Smoke [IMRV027]
Zygos – Untitled [dubplate]
Zygos – Drained [TRSK006]
CITY1 – Joka Riddim [GB021]
Pugilist – Saturn [ARTKL029]
DubDiggerz – Intemi [PLANTPOWER002]
CITY1 – Buluu [Forthcoming TRSK007]
Ago – Above [IMRV027]
DubDiggerz – Spear Dub [PLANTPOWER002]
CITY1 – Cosmic Chant [Forthcoming TRSK007]

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