TRUSIK Radio | Transmission 010

Sub FM

Splurged a bit and got a couple new roots records before moving into the languid sounds of the new ZamZam and Tubby Isiah before rolling out some forthcoming TRUSIK material from Germany’s Bhed and new Pugilist beats. Slowly increased the pressure with a trip to Japan with Goth-Trad and HELKTRAM with new bits by RDG and Scent then taking it back to the old skool with Skream, J.Sparrow and Forsaken.


Black Uhuru – Sinsemilla
Burning Spear – The Sun
Mutabaruka – Prisoner / Outcry
Undefined – Three [feat. Rider Shafique]
Tubby Isiah – Bring Me Fire
Tubby Isiah – Bring Me Fire [Versa Version]
bhed – Eighteenhundred
Pugilist – Ruins
> bhed – Eighteenhundred
Al Wootton – Untitled
Pugilist – Reflections
Al Wootton – Selah
Sub Basics – Amazon
Jus Wan – Action Potential
Sub Basics – Nomad
bhed – Apatheia
Peverelist – Gather
Zygos – Ekte Dub
HELKTRAM – Insecure
Goth-Trad – Sunbeam
Goth-Trad – Two Faced
HELKTRAM – Suggestive Effect
RDG – Hellhound
CITY1 – Tribal Connection
Scent – Prototec
Headhunter – Projector
Pugilist & Mystik – 2 Steps Backward
Silkie – Preacher’s Pain
bhed – Grau des Ozeans
Peverelist – Click Click Every Trip
Skream – Percression
Headhunter – Ina
Jack Sparrow – The Chase
Shackleton – New Dawn
Forsaken – Boat Noodles
Cyrus – Rupture
Speng Bond – Open The Borders

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