TRUSIK Radio | Transmission 014

Sub FM

Welcoming in 2020 by displaying the variety of our label roster; from the dub beatsmithery of Pugilist and Bhed, to the tribalist, percussive workouts of Zygos, the Japanese bass science of Helktram and CITY1, the low-slung sludge of Mesck and DubDiggerz alongside their DeepEnd! Movement brethren and finally the Black Ark psychedlia of Tremble; all of what TRUSIK offers is on display.


Pugilist – Reflections [TOS003]
Pugilist – Minotaur [dub]
Al Wottoon – Untitled [TRULE002]
Korin Complex & Inyoka – Xxrr [dub]
Pugilist & Sub Basics – Untitled [TOS003]
Another Channel (feat. Jah RY) – Untitled [dub]
Karma – Jade Pit [SYSTM015]
Bhed – Apatheia [TRSK009]
Bhed – Siena [dub]
Pugilist & Mystik – 2 Steps Backwards [MH007]
Zygos – ’11 [dub]
Pugilist & Mystik – Misty in Roots [MH007]
Zygos – Low.r [dub]
Zygos – Tension [Overdue001]
Zygos – Gwari [RARE2]
Helktram – Air [SUBALT023]
Helktram – XXXX [dub]
CITY1 – Zee [SUBALT021]
Helktram – Washer [dub]
Helktram – Recoil [SUBALT023]
??? – ??? [dub]
Zygos – Labels [dub]
CITY1 – Pomboo [dub]
CLZ – Haunt [DPND03]
Gisaza – Vampire [DPNDF04]
Kanomotis – Watch Yah Steppa VIP [DPND03]
Gisaza – Kengamesha [DPND02]
FLO & Gisaza – Northern Technique [DPND03]
Gisaza – Assassin [DPND02]
Rawland & DubDiggerz – Madness [DPND03]
Mesck – Flying Coffin [dub]
Mesck – Lockup [DigitalDust001]
Mesck – Locust March [ENV020]
Zygos – Kanuri [UNITY004]
Zygos – Rotation [FAV013]
CITY1 – Tribal Connection [GB021]
Tremble – Cuss Cuss [dub]
Tremble – Penitentiary Dub [RUFFCUT008]
Al Wottoon – Selah [TRULE002]
Tremble – Rocky Road [dub]
Cyrus – Rupture [CHST019]
Tremble – Love Me The Way I Am Dub [dub]
Jonah Freed & Pupajim – Open Mindedness [DS-RS004]

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