TRUSIK Recommends: January 2020

A monthly list of our favourite releases to help you cut through the noise. No genre or tempo is off limits, nor are our lists meant to be exhaustive, but we hope that these lists will expand your record collections and DJ sets with producers and songs you may have otherwise not have heard before.

DPRTNDRP – Unshaken EP | 786

A big 3 tracker from D-Op Drop with 3 different styles of tunes, from the industrial strength of the title track, the drunken stumble of “Relief” and the eye ball rattler “Parsley Tea”.

Nova – Whisper In The Wind | Tribe12

3 cuts of stripped back dubstep goodness from Tribe12, perfect to create any number of blendinis.

Distinct Motive – Hamburg | Navy Cut

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 all the weakhearts drops from Navy Cut’s newest from Distinct Motive. Lean and tuff for the big rigs!

Unknown Artist – 2006 | DREADZ

A DMZ wobbler that’s so aptly titled it would almost be satirical.

WZ – Headcleaner | FatKidOnFire

The third vinyl only release from our friends over at FatKidOnFire featuring a double sided dose of stompy wobblers and a punchy grime flip courtesy of Ishan Sound.

AMIT – Points In Time | AMAR

AMAR returns with an offering of dark side DnB with “Points In Time” and the high-stepping, Horace Andy siren song of “Wake Dub”.

Om Unit – Submerged | Submerged

A thematic six track EP that draws in references from DnB, Juke, Footwork, Jungle, and Drexicyan electro that moves from strength to strength.

Hydromantic – Archipelago EP | Lifetones

For fans of Livity Sound, this Berlin based collaboration between Junior Boys’ Matthew Didemus and German producer Martin Maischein (Sandbenders) finds 4 squiggly and squirming tracks that are perfect in any context; scene setters, mid-set rollers, or end of the session bleary eyed mindscapes.

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