An interview with MC Toast

In a new feature series, we shift the focus from the brilliant minds behind the music, to the medium who binds the DJ and the crowd as one. It’s your chance to get to know a little more about the iconic figures leading the strongest underground music scene in the world. For anyone that has been to the dance, I’m sure you will agree with me the additional layer of entertainment the MC provides. A skilled MC will complete the night, on the contrary, a poor one can ruin the experience all together. Our featured individual certainly falls into the former. Loved by all, and an absolute gent, he needs no introduction. He’s coined numerous expressions, including the hotly debated term “dungeon”, and the heavily quoted line, “it’s deep, it’s dark, and it’s minimal, this is the sound!”. Ladies and gentleman, lay back, feet up and enjoy our interview with MC Toast.

TRUSIK: Easy Grant, could you start us off by telling us a little bit about yourself?

TOAST: My name is MC Toast, I live in Essex and I’m an MC.

TRUSIK: How long have you been MC’ing and what inspired you to pursue this role?

TOAST: Well first of all, I think you can class me as more of a host than an MC. I’ve been hosting for around 3 years. I’ve always had a passion for MCs across many genres of music. I never imagined my name on flyers or Mcing alongside the people I used to listen to.

TRUSIK: How does your current occupation differ to your aspirations of when you were younger?

TOAST: I never even considered being an MC when I was younger, even though I was a big fan of guys like Skibadee, Det, Wiley, Dizze Rascal etc. I am really happy to be part of the current dubstep movement.


TRUSIK: What is the story behind the acquisition of your moniker, “Toast”?

TOAST: In my youth, I used to love playing footie down the park. One day in particular, my hair was well overgrown and I stayed out a little too long in the hot sun. As I pulled my hair back, I revealed a predominant white line around my face, the combination of tan and the white line strongly resembled a piece of Toast, kindly pointed out by one of my “mates”. The name Toast followed me to senior school and it has stuck from there mainly thanks to Youngsta and Rat. Cheers Boys!

TRUSIK: I’ve noticed complaints and negative comments on #minimalmonday Youtube clips by international followers who seem to have an issue with your role. “Who’s this guy talking over the tracks?? He’s ruining it for me!”, for example. Would you care to educate these people the purpose of your role and the MC culture that goes hand in hand with underground music.

TOAST: I personally think the role of an MC is an integral part of dance music; the history in music culture spans right across the board from dubstep, hip-hop, reggae to dnb. Can you imagine a deep Medi, FWD or Outlook festival stage with no MC? An MC is the direct line between the DJ and Crowd and it’s even more important via the radio. If there was no MC on the Rinse show we wouldn’t be able to showcase some of the extremely well produced dub plates that the show is famous for, due to people illegally ‘ripping’ the tunes, it also allows the listener to directly interact with us in the studio and vice versa.

TRUSIK: I saw you in a photo behind the decks complete with headphones at a recent gig. Do you DJ or was that posed? 
Can we expect a Rinse special, DJ Toast and Yunx MC?

TOAST: Ha! Yes I remember this. It was a friends birthday bash and they asked me to DJ. I do have an old collection of vinyl, which consists of club classic which friends often ask me to play, as and when I can. As I have told you, I love to mix even now. The 1210’s at home still get played once in a while. Maybe in time there might be a DJ Toast but I’m not pushing in that direction at the moment. Regarding my partner in crime, you won’t ever see or hear Youngsta on the mic 🙁 It’s a shame, I’ve heard his bars, JME watch out!

TRUSIK: Dubstep and MC things aside, what past time hobbies and interests do you like to indulge in?

TOAST: I have a great passion for cooking and experimenting with different types of cuisines. I enjoy reading and writing, watching films, playing different sports, mixing music, and travelling.

TRUSIK: #minimalmondays – the Youngsta Toast experience is undoubtedly a huge success and one of the most popular shows on Rinse FM. Consequently, you’re now touring the world, living a life many only dream of. In an honest opinion, what are your favourite perks of the job and what are the down turns of it all?

TOAST: My favourite perks are being able to try different types of cuisines when touring. Meeting people we have connected with via the Internet through the Rinse FM show / fans / friends. Everyday is different from the last, from landscape to culture. The hospitality, we have met some fantastic promoters whilst on tour. The down turns are; plane food and different time zones.

TRUSIK: You used to be renown for telling some of your anecdotes (or anec-toasts) whilst hosting Youngsta’s shows. 
Is there a recent one you would be willing to share with us?

TOAST: (laughs) Here’s a little tickle from the tour, a Tokyo-London anecdote: Yunx and I arrived at the airport feeling quite wasted from the monster tour we had endured. We arrived at the departure lounge, sat down, and waited for the call over the antonoi. This is where it starts to get rather difficult to remember what actually happened. Apparently, our names were being broadcasted over the antonoi advising us to get on the aircraft as it was the final call. Unfortunately, Yunx and I were unaware of this as we were fast asleep in the departure lounge (laughs). After many hours had past, I had some how walked or been carried onto the aircraft, belt on, blanket rapped around me with my legs stretched out over three seats. Wow. When I woke up that shock horror feeling hit me… where’s Yunx!?, did we leave him in Tokyo? I peered over looked around and to my relief, there was the guv a few rows up looking, lets say rather tired?? I returned to my seat when the stewardess pasted me and said “Are you ok now sir?” I replyed rather confused, “Yeah”. She then said, “Here’s your passport sir” and gave me the most strangest look. Who knows what antics I was up too. Fun times! Big up all the followers in AUS/NZ/JAP!


TRUSIK: Wouldn’t put it past him if he knows the Japanese for Brandy. Moving on, few of your compatriots e.g. Ben Verse, SP:MC, LX One are becoming just as prolific producers as they are controlling the mic. Is production something you have thought of doing yourself?

TOAST: At the moment, I’m constantly playing about with music programs, working out what they do ect, but for now, I’m concentrating on my hosting. Maybe in the near future you may hear some production… You’ll just have to wait and see 🙂

TRUSIK: You share an equal passion for the sound like Dan does. What’s your current favourite track that makes you brock out each and every time?

TOAST: Biome – Formation

TRUSIK: Lastly, are there any countries or cities you haven’t been to, which you’re dying to host at? (Promoters take note)

TOAST: I would love to able to perform in Canada, US, Mexico, Brazil, China, Thailand and Spain.


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