Antics: Exclusive TRUSIK Mix

Thank you to those who have been patiently waiting for this one, it’s definitely been worth the wait. Belgian producer and top DJ, Antics recorded this exclusive mix for TRUSIK a while back and it’s packed full of incredible dubs from some of the most exciting and promising new talent in the scene, such as Sleeper, Triky, Killa & Instinct, Thelem, Subreachers, D Cult, Lurka and of course Antics himself. It’s deep, it’s dark and it’s minimal, and it’s flawlessly mixed from one sub killer to the next. It’s 47 minutes of pure subliminal bass with Antics taking the listener on a dubstep crusade showcasing the energy and effort these new producers are giving to reach the top. Many of these artists have already had their material played by Distance on his new talent section in his Rinse show and its an absolute pleasure to have some of these tracks included in this mix. Elvin Vanzeebroeck aka Antics was born and raised in Brussels, Belgium and has always had musical direction with a love for old school and underground hiphop and a notable influence from his dad who used to spin early reggae and dub at home. Elvin is a busy man running his own night called Midnite Run and also hosts a radio show every Friday 4-6 pm GMT on Rood FM. Most recently, Antics has released his track “Unconscious” on the Angles Compilation album from the Orientis label which is doing very well in the dubstep charts. I highly recommend that you keep your ears locked for future material from Antics.


  1. >> Loefah – The Goat Stare
  2. Sleeper – Scanners
  3. Antics & Triky – Alterated States
  4. D Cult – Particle
  5. Shredexx – Asphalt
  6. Antics – Rundown
  7. Triky – Restless
  8. Antics & Subreachers – Redemption (Sleeper Remix)
  9. Catacombs – MDK
  10. Killa & Instinct – Subconscious
  11. J:Kenzo – The Roteks
  12. Subreachers – Tidals
  13. Antics – Rundown (TMSV Remix)
  14. Goli & Ashburner – Field Of Vibrations (Antics Remix)
  15. Science – Laws Of Nature
  16. Lurka – Skeptic
  17. Thelem – Distilled
  18. Core – How It Is
  19. Truth – INSANEity
  20. J:Kenzo – Protected
  21. Root – Element
  22. Sleeper – Untitled
  23. TMSV – Flow
  24. Headhunter – Descent
  25. Ooko – Underground


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