Bisweed – Baby / Fay [GB006]

Estonian dubstepper Bisweed presents us with the sixth serving in the ongoing buffet that is GourmetBeats. Bisweed proves to be a force to be reckoned with – three healthy dollops of lavender infused beats and bass and to be quite frank, the strongest release from the label thus far. Most of what has come out the Baltimore based label has been on the darker and rougher side of the train tracks from the technoid infusions of DJG to the off-kilter psychedelia of Moonstones and beyond. However, Bisweed brings some much needed lightness and soul to the label, and the scene at large, with GB006 – if you like your dubstep sexy and slinky this is it.

A-side “Baby” struts around, bossing and flossing it. Neon light synths and crystal clear piano twirl around a playful sub figure as all other manner of jazzy motifs mingle out on the dance floor. Meanwhile, the introspective “Fay” dabbles with Chord Marauders jazzy vibes; warm upright bass and a footwork-like piano sample duke it out on Congo Square. Dusty snares are lifted from your nan’s records and spliced in between with careful poise. At 7 minutes in length, “Fay” unfolds naturally and organically, possessing a life all its own. A minute in and “Fay” breaks down with the silkiest groove until the piano takes the solo, careful and methodical as Bill Evans was. The second half of the track explodes with almost Detroit piano stabs and a pneumatic sub bass workout to scuff up your Sunday best. Lastly, “Sunshine” closes us out appropriately so, reminding one of the sunrise with its gentle dance of light, time and color. A hip-hop framework supports dubby piano washes like an early morning mist. A g-funk synth cries out and an icy arpeggio follows suit for more splashes of Kandinsky color.

The release possess a self confidence and refined melodic sense that has been missing from the dubstep scene outside of labels like Groove Booty and Anti Social. GB006 reminds me to revisit Mark Pritchard’s “Heavy as Stone” and Silkie’s City Limits Volumes 1 & 2 for perfectly compatible blending opportunities. But outside of the obviously sonic similarities, Bisweed’s tracks, at least for this release, prove that dubstep doesn’t always have to be dark all the time to provoke a reaction. A simple, but much needed reminder if you ask me.

GB006 is released July 15th and available from Unearthed Sounds, Redeye, White Peach, Juno and Intense Records.

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