Boot: Exclusive TRUSIK Mix

We continue to push our continental mix series after TZRs hefty neurofunk dub expose a few weeks back. Next, is Australian producer Boot. Real name Tim Butler, Boot discovered the dubstep sound around 2005, however it wasn’t until Distance released Traffic that Tim began to take the genre seriously. Enter the studio sessions and numerous collaborations which enabled Boot to take form, write tracks and develop a signature sound. Like any producer, Tim was influenced by his peers, such as Droid Sector, Chewie, TZR, Dubtek, Shredexx, Phaeleh, Vesicle & Sook (which together they work under the alias, The Abyss). Additionally, work with Droid Sector led to the creation of Requiem Audio, a label dedicated to the heavier and darker sounds of dubstep. “We’ve put out a pair of 12″s and 2 digi eps, with another couple of 12″s and several EPs due out over the next few months”.

Inspiration is paramount to any artist trying to distinguish himself from the others. There’s no messing when it comes to Boot production; “I’ve got tons of musical inspiration, from stuff like Mr Bungle & Secret Chiefs 3, to contemporary classical like Stockhausen, Boulez, Ligeti, Xenakis to various forms of metal, punk, hip hop, funk, techno, house, ambient… I could go on and on”. As well as classical, major inspiration has drawn from the late 90s / early 2000 dance scene – techstep dons such as Konflict, Stakka & Skynet, Sinthetix, Bad Company, Ed Rush & Optical have played a crucial role for Tim’s writing style, “the overall aesthetic they had, it was dark, with a killer groove, and massive attention to detail”.

So where does Boot stand currently? With releases already out on Requiem Audio, Terminal Dusk, Paradise Lost, Ad Noiseam and many more, a future double 12″ for Paradise Lost Recordings is in the works, with a track entitled Shudder already due for 12″ release later this year. A slightly more personal and meaningful release of Viscous (the first dubstep tune written by Boot), will be seeing the light of day with a 2011 update on Requiem Audio. But Tim has bigger aspirations; “as far as the future goes, after these next few releases I’m going to lock my stuff down and aim at getting a release on Black Box or Wheel & Deal, that would be the ultimate for me”.

Boot has kindly put together an hour long mix showcasing where he stands in dubstep right now, “I tried to include a bit of the old and a bit of the new, I guess for people who might be new to my sound, it’s good to get an idea of both the direction I’m coming from and where I’m headed”. If you’re intrigued and what to know more, follow Boot on his socials.


  1. Boot – Debased [Forthcoming Paradise Lost]
  2. Boot – Dagobah [Dub]
  3. Boot & Chewie – Only Me [Dub]
  4. Boot – No Safe Place [Paradise Lost]
  5. Sook – Never Knows Best [Boot RMX] [Dub]
  6. Boot – Reeducation [Forthcoming Aquatic Lab]
  7. Boot – Satellite [Terminal Dusk]
  8. Boot – Colder Now [Dub]
  9. Boot – Unit Zero [Forthcoming Paradise Lost]
  10. Boot – Space Destroy Energy [Stoke Audio]
  11. Boot – Neural Implant [Gradient Audio]
  12. Boot – Sengoku Sound System [Requiem Audio]
  13. Boot – Shudder [Forthcoming Paradise Lost]
  14. Saviour – Burst Into Fire [Dubtek & Boot RMX] [Paradise Lost]
  15. Boot & TZR – Pathetic Earthlings [Dub]
  16. Boot – Methods Of Control [Dub]
  17. Boot – Boy [Terminal Dusk]
  18. Boot – Viscous 2011 [Forthcoming Requiem Audio]
  19. Boot & Droid Sector – Darkness Over Skies [Forthcoming Vicious Audio]
  20. The Abyss – Trash Register [Gamma Audio]


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