Causa – Juce EP [CRUCIAL013]

Through a handful of releases and tracks on some of the finest labels in the scene – Infernal Sounds, Artikal Music, Circle Vision, FatKidOnFire – Causa established himself as a versatile producer who is always able to showcase the different sides of his sound, while creating music that fits within the labels’ aesthetics. “Juce”, his new three-tracker for Crucial Recordings, brings more proof for that observation, as Causa unleashes some of his subtler tracks to date, displaying more psychedelic elements, in line with the previous releases of Sleeper’s imprint.

“Juce”, the opening title-track, is the sharpest cut of the lot. Its introductory chords immediately place the tune in the wake of the kind of nocturnal dubstep Crucial Recordings has perfected through its discography. The sound is deep, resting on a trembling rhythmic structure that leaves a lot of space for a round, pulsating bassline to resonate. Though the atmosphere of the track remains stifling throughout, the second drop gives it a new twist, with rolling, metallic hits that complete one of the best tracks Causa released so far.

The other two tracks are just as impressive, though. Taking the first track as a starting point, Causa hones this sound to further show its depth. “Struggle” seems unsteady yet regular, minimalist and complex at the same time, with intricate percussion and heavy sub-bass slowly merging with a spacey, occult melody, giving the track its own character. The melting of these various elements creates the track’s unique groove, which shakes and weaves in and out of the different sounds. “Minerals” ends up the release on the same tip, leaning on the same idea, but the outcome is even profounder. The bassline throbs with each kick drum, as the lead synths appear to overhang the track, following their own pulse weightlessly.

“Juce” is another majestic release for both Crucial Recordings and Causa. Causa manages to retain its own identity, while anchoring the sound of the EP within Crucial’s canon: the thirteenth release in the label’s catalogue is yet another standout EP, showing Crucial always brings out the most creative side of the artists it selects.

Juce is out now and available from Unearthed Sounds, Redeye, White Peach, Juno, Intense Records and the Crucial Bandcamp Store.

  1. wicked label and a sick producer, alot of his stuff reminds me of the more stripped back headhunter dubs youngsta used to run back in the day, although i actually believe his tunes are more well realised, sucks that hes not british and i cant catch him easily at my local dance.

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