Competition: Win a copy of IMRV009 + Innamind Tee

Mmmm big city
overgrown with weeds
but flowering weeds
on every corner
a wrecking crew
something new and crooked
growing up catty-corner to that
windows missing in every edifice
like broken teeth
crooked wind…

Not since Shackleton’s ‘Blood on My Hands’ has a monologue/poem been used in such a terrifying way, that was until Gantz decided to construct ‘Baby Face’. As the poem slithers in between the cracks of the opening bars a single note is plucked and repeated through the entirety of the song in some Terry Riley/Steve Reich minimalism. The note actually acts as a sonic frame of reference as Gantz wildly plays around the foundation of the single note. Rough tribal percussion percolate throughout, as a voice is put through a Roland Space Echo until is collapses into itself. Meanwhile, bits of aural ephemera crack the surface occasionally. ‘Baby Face’ peels away, punctuated by a sample speaking of heaven. On the flip, Gantz’s remix of Lurka’s under-appreciated percussion-salad of track, ‘Refresher’ combines the best elements of both producers and the results are breath-taking. Deconstructing and restructuring the broken percussive elements of the original, Gantz grafts left-field samples left and right which play like sprites across the sub swerves that’ll give you whiplash if you aren’t careful. Running a few select snares through a broken Space Echo only adds the demented take on an already demented original. You can tell that Gantz had a load of fun remixing ‘Refresher’.

Innamind slowly but surely has created a stable of tru-skool disciples (LAS, Mikael, Thelem, and Gantz) that are carrying the torch for foundational dubstep and has become a go-to label when you want your dubstep rootsy but looking towards the future as well. The past four releases have consistently blown everything else out of the water with a mindset that clearly homages the past without simply rehashing it. Those who say dubstep is dead didn’t love the sound from the beginning and I don’t feel sorry for them missing out on some of the best tracks in recent years.

To celebrate Gantz’s next release, we’ve teamed up with Kursk of Innamind Recordings to give one lucky individual a chance to win a copy of the record, as well as a newly printed black Innamind Tee designed by Thelem himself. To enter, simply head over to the TRUSIK Facebook page and publicly share THIS PHOTO making sure you leave a comment stating which size T-Shirt you would like to receive.

The competition will close in one week – Wednesday April 2nd – when a winner will be selected at random and notified via Facebook. Good luck.

IMRV009 is released April 7th and available to pre-order from Redeye, Bleep, Boomkat and Juno Download.

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