DE-TU – Bun Down Babylon / Origination Dub [w/ Bukkha Remixes] [GKC002]

Bristol’s thriving music scene is one to be sought after and the city is currently producing some of the most exciting up and coming producers in the UK. The dub / dubstep scene has recently exploded in popularity and with it has sprung a wealth of talented and forward thinking young artists. Although relatively new to the scene Jake Hennessy and Liam James of Green King Cuts are proving they’re a record label to be reckoned with and their latest release with DE-TU and Bukka proves just that.

First up on GKC’s latest 4 track EP is the deeply moody but meditative “Bun Down Babylon” from promising producing duo DE-TU. Born in London, now based in Bristol, DE-TU is the collaboration of Chris Iona (C-Side, Transient Audio, Frontline) and Jevon Ives (Cosmic Soul Collective) who are both accomplished DJ’s and producers in their own right. Their sound resonates with Bristol’s affinity for the dubstep and grime scene; using chest rumbling 808 sub bass layered with delayed cymbal hits and delicate moments of middle eastern influence they transport you across the genres of 140, cleverly showing their love of roots and reggae.

Born in America and now living in Spain, Bukka aka Evert Cristoff is one to look out for and his heavy-weight dub style perfectly moulds to DE-TU’s original track. Bukka’s dubwise remix of “Babylon Falls” is destined for a sound system that makes the walls vibrate and your trousers shake. Sticking with the original wobbly bass lines and fluid melodies, a repetitive driving drum kick gives the song a perpetual energy that keeps you in high spirits with the constant urge to dance.

The flipside of the EP, “Origination Dub” showcases DE-TU’s ability to combine sounds of dubstep and dub that would appeal to grime heads and steppas alike. The same thoughtful production has been implemented whilst Ten Eight Seven Mastering have yet again brought out the best in their music with their flawless levels and clarity. The offbeat intro instantly gives the track that rootsy vibe but there is no hiding that low rolling bass lines are becoming synonymous with the pivotal duo.

Bukka’s remix has incredible moments of near silence followed by huge bursts of sound that reverberates before discretely fading away to nothingness. Definitely one to shut your eyes to and feel air pump out from the speakers. Releasing material strictly on vinyl gives their records a certain desirability and if GKC001 and 002 is anything to go by, there can only be good things to come from both GKC, DE-TU and Bukka. Simplicity can be heard to pull off but the use of space in these tracks and the minimal approach make for maximum effect and is the perfect counterbalance to these otherwise bass heavy tunes.

GKC002 is out now and available from Unearthed Sounds, Redeye, White Peach, Juno and Intense Records.

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