DeepEnd! – Chapter I [DPND01]

Ljubljana based label DeepEnd! Movement present a celebration of sub frequencies with their first vinyl release: DeepEnd! Chapter 1. The label has built a reputation for releasing some truly unique music in recent times and it’s great to see that some of this music is making it to wax. The 4-track EP features tracks from a quartet of talented Slovenian producers who have helped shape DeepEnd! Movement’s signature sound.

Side-A leads off with “MoonTalk” by duo DubDiggerz, who follow on from their Le Hospital release on GourmetBeats with a huge track to start off the EP. Beginning with a pulsing rhythm of 808s and crunchy percussion, MoonTalk quickly descends into a convulsing medley of bass. The 808s present in the introduction provide a driving flow to the track while sparse industrial percussion created an intoxicating atmosphere. Thin wobbling synths creep out from the darkness and build the track up before it descends back into further sinister movements. Sweeping feedback contrasts to the backbone of 808s in the second half of the track which ends with a stomping rhythm of crunchy percussion, leading you into the second A-side track nicely.

The second A-side track is “Ahn Qiraj” by FLO, who continues his unique productions following the impressive release of his Emeria EP on Chord Marauders. A tense opening to the track with Arabic percussion and dim vocals builds to a turbulent bassline with mirroring sub bass. The shakers and hats provide a counter-rhythm to the forceful bassline, creating a complex soundscape. The Arabic percussion becomes more prominent as the track progresses, and haunting clicks and distorted vocals end the track with a sinister tone. The track develops very quickly and leaves the listener eager to flip the record over to continue the EP.

The B-side begins with a track entitled “Fall Of The Leader” by talented producer, Pier. Fall Of The Leader leans towards a more dubbed out vibe, initiated by lively shakers. A building movement of dark piano chops give way to a lunging sub bassline, its motion complimenting the groove of kick drums and shakers. The dominant bassline contrasts well to reintroduction of the piano chops, and by this part in the track there is a definite skank inducing vibe. The piano chops help bring in a nice lead of synthetic brass which creates a crescendo effect towards the end of the track. The complex sub bass is indicative of Pier’s style of dub, as can be seen in his previous Deepend! Movement release “Culture To The Top”. I feel that this helps bridge the gap between the more dubstep-esque tracks on the A-side and the more dubbed out vibe on the B-side.

The EP finishes with “Feedback Skank” by RawLand. The track starts with a rich, synonymous RawLand bassline which pulses and when the track drops, meanders seamlessly through pitched snares and heavy kick drums. Drum licks help to keep the track moving along and the riddim is tied together by a constant feedback which gives the track presence. A distorted, haunting flute lead signals the introduction of offbeat tribal percussion which helps bring out the ‘skank’ side of the track. The percussion becomes more complex which is a nice juxtaposition to the constant rumbling bass. After a brief pause, the track continues and the feedback and delays become more prominent. It gradually tails off to signal the end of the EP. The track has a great intensity that compliments those that came before it.

I hope that Chapter 1 will dawn the beginning of continued vinyl releases from the DeepEnd! Movement camp. The four tracks allow the featured artists to show off their own production styles, whilst feeling completely linked as you move from track to track. This is testament to both the production level of the artists and the track selection of the label. With equally prominent basslines in each track, the EP is a showcase of the DeepEnd! Movement style. Not tied to any one style of bass music, I applaud the inclusion of both dubstep and dub styles on this brilliant EP. The amazing artwork by M7 Grafiks finishes off the EP, and ties in well with the dark style of the tracks.

Chapter 1 is out now and available from the official DeepEnd! Store.

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