Duckem: Exclusive TRUSIK Mix

It would appear our mix series, featuring up and coming talent, is multi-national in nature: Triky (Denmark), Compa (England), Kaiten (USA), Antics (Belgium) and now Duckem (Greece). Alex Paps aka Duckem, is a 21 year old music artist based in Athens. His productions express the deep and dark dubstep atmosphere, as well as futuristic garage and 2step sounds. Upon discovering dubstep in 2009, Alex attempted producing in early 2010. With no musical peers or previous knowledge on the sound, production was centred around self belief and his love for electronic music. After a lot of late nights, trial and errors and self-constitution, Alex completed his first track entitled “Codes”.  YouTube channel BACKSPACEdubstep was quick to upload and promote the track as well as Alex’s followed material, with Kromestar inspired “End Apathy” and “Bassline Shottah”. His first release is forthcoming on September 9th on Moziq Recordings (Nara, Japan) run by T2R.


  1. Kryptic Minds – No More No Less
  2. Dj Madd – Awaken
  3. Hatcha & Lost – King Of The Trees
  4. Duckem – End Apathy
  5. Duckem – Bassline Shottah
  6. Lurka & Commodo – Gassin
  7. Dj Madd – Blank Space
  8. Duckem – Interference
  9. TMSV – Cold VIP
  10. UNCO – Outside The Box
  11. UNCO – Cursed Dust
  12. Dj Madd – Pitfall
  13. Tes La Rok – Earth
  14. Duckem – Entity


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