Egoless (feat. Tenor Youthman) – Non-Immigrant Song [ZamZam50]

Providing ‘sounds from the well’ since 2012, Tracy Harrison and Ezra ‘E3’ Ereckson’s roots-based label ZamZam Sounds releases its 50th record featuring Egoless and Russian vocalist Tenor Youthman.

“I am no immigrant” Youthman sings on the politically charged ‘Non Immigrant Song’, directly quoting Jimmy Cliff’s ‘I’m No Immigrant’. “I want my rights in this my land”. Delivered with both warmth and melancholy, Youthman’s plea for justice is complemented perfectly by Egoless’ off-beat minor chords, a powerful and melodious bassline and funk-laden guitar riffs.

The B-side, as with many dub and reggae records, features a ‘version’; chopped, screwed and shaking with even heavier bass, ‘Non Immigrant Dub’ is the hypnotic counterpart to the original track. Peppered only occasionally with fragments of Youthman’s vocals, Egoless’ instrumental – complete with Clanger-esque synths and clattering reverb – can be appreciated in its full glory.

From this traditional-sounding dub to his more bizarre works, such as the unhinged ‘I’m From The Balkans’, Egoless’ recent releases demonstrate his ease in creating both typical and experimental productions. This latest offering marks yet another hard-to-fault record from the producer and the ZamZam family.

ZamZam50 is out now and available from Redeye, Juno, Jah Waggys and Intense Records. As a special gift to celebrate ZamZam 50, Tracy and Ezra have included a full colour poster documenting the art of ZamZam 01-49 folded into every copy.


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