Elefant Doc & Dillard – Vision Of / 4000 [SUBA002]

The Viennese Sub Audio Records returns with their second plate, as usual delivering the smoother and melodic, soft quality of bass music. This time with already familiar for the label collaboration of Elefant Doc & Dillard, they printed a 2-track EP, available now on both digital and physical formats.

The duo offers us tracks locked in fluid, but vibrant groove, strongly resembling the signature sounds of Deep Heads’ productions – fixing together the melodic and distant textures with clean and firm drum section. “Vision of” opens the EP with emotive, light arpeggios that extend into mid range of endlessly delaying saxophones and synth pads, overlapping into a dreamy, nostalgic sequence. The decided, compressed beat keeps the track present and rolls it through till the end through breakdowns loaded with white noise and delays, that throw occasional sounds into distance.

The B-side delivers more indulging and major chords. The round and silky pads that loop throughout the track are regularly disturbed by synthesised throbbing in the low end, entering the deeper, distorted frames of the genre. The feathery high hats compliment the sounds well, filling the rhythm and space in the sound field. The recurring pauses allow the listener moments of reflection and spice up the repetitive character of the loop. The dual pattern of harmonies in the pads, keeps the track in a reflective, questioning mode, highlighting the ambient, introspective nature of “4000”.

Elefant Doc & Dillard produced an EP soaked in deep, harmonious sounds from the smoother end of the genre, perfectly representing the subtle character of the scene that Sub Audio Records represent. For those who enjoyed these flavours, the rest of label’s catalogue is worth checking out, both for the mild and heavier tones of dubstep.

SUBA002 is out now and available from the Sub Audio Records Store.

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