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A relatively unknown producer bursting with ideas is perhaps one way of introducing TeeFreqs. Although the oceanic native has maintained a low presence, he’s admired by those with an ear for originality. Support from J:Kenzo, DJG, BunZer0 and Syte, as well as from labels such as Aquatic Lab, Soulstep, Deep Heads and Distant Colours, is evidence that his music is being heard by the right people. Echoing the colourful aesthetics from DEEP MEDi’s early years, TeeFreqs draws from a palette of sounds that entrance the listener through a voyage of soul searching bass and rich cosmic melody, delivering a true sensory experience. His message is a warm ecstatic one, resonating a different frequency than most material available today. While it is true that music at 140BPM has evolved and progressed enormously; intricate punchy snares, dynamic drum patterns and warped reese synths, it has mostly been at the expense of the melody. There are some artists which make the exception, and TeeFreqs is one of them. When he sent me a batch of tunes at the beginning of the year, his ingenuity for ‘colour’ and attention to groove were immediately apparent. It was a breathe of fresh air. AJP, a popular Youtube channel and music hub known for selecting only the finest innovative cuts recognised the unique talents of TeeFreqs’ work and has been highly supportive. Intergalactic roller “Reasons”, a personal favourite, received substantial support from J:Kenzo even opening a set or two. For all of the above, it made sense to include TeeFreqs to our portfolio of exclusive features and show some support of our own. Of course he recorded a special mix to supplement the interview, so sit back, press play, and enjoy the read.

TRUSIK: For the readers who are not familiar, what is your name, where are you from, and how would you describe your sound?

TEEFREQS: I’m Pat, I make and play music as TeeFreqs. Some friends say I have this certain sound and I don’t know exactly what it is. But I always aim to attain a specific feeling while making my beats.

TRUSIK: When was your first contact with electronic music, and how has it shaped you as the person you are today?

TEEFREQS: Not exactly electronic but it was through an old Beastie Boys’ Ill Communication cassette tape that our school janitor lent to me when I was a kid, I think. It sounded really different from my usual selections at that time. Then from there, I kept searching and searching. I tended to like what my peers didn’t like and I tended to dislike what they liked but these days I’m quite open to any music, opinions and beliefs as I don’t want to be that odd eccentric one, and diversity really is a very positive thing.

TRUSIK: Although your music emerged only this year, how long have you been building beats, and what would you say influenced your decision to start getting into production?

TEEFREQS: It’s all by accident actually. I’ve always played with DAWs without any intention of making a finished track as I wasn’t too keen about it. Then gradually I got into making beats with my mate MC Enkae as Saint Sly for testing out ideas. Then I got involved with this monthly night club in Sydney called Reload. I just wanted to help them run it basically but they ended up including me in their DJ roster so then I thought playing some of my homemade beats would be dope and Juzlo, Reload’s CEO thought they were cool. He introduced me to some peeps who were into that sort of sound and I got encouraged by that.

TRUSIK: Prior to producing electronic music, did you have any previous musical endeavours?

TEEFREQS: I was always in bands when I was in primary/secondary school as an excuse to hang out and be surrounded by like minded people. I always collected cassette tapes and CDs as a small kid, and a few records during my late teens, but I wasn’t into DJ mixing. I just used to record mixtapes with my voice overs and sound collages like a radio show then load it onto my iPod and walk around school wearing headphones.

TRUSIK: As your beats vary from dancefloor-based steppers to tranquil melodic numbers, when you set out to build a track, do you always have a clear direction of what you want to achieve, or do you begin with one element with everything else falling into place thereafter?

TEEFREQS: Ye I always start with a sound or a vibe aiming to attain a specific feeling, then the actual rhythm section comes later. I always have ideas lingering in my mind so I try them out when I get in the studio. I love sampling, or taking some sounds from music that resonates with me as for me, making beats is like writing a thesis, you gotta have some valid sources and mix it up with your own ideas so then you can test your theory out.

TRUSIK: What kind of mood do you try to capture when playing out at the dance? How does a typical TeeFreqs set go down?

TEEFREQS: I play something bouncy if I play a prime time set, or I play something thought-provoking aka Autonomic & Auxcast if I play an early/late set. My DJ sets tend to vary each time. As long as I like a tune and I know it would make people dance in a particular night, I play it.

TRUSIK: You’ve already had releases on Deep Heads, Distant Colours, Soulstep as well as featuring on Aquatic Lab’s second compilation album. How did these link ups come about, and are you happy with how your music has been received?

TEEFREQS: The boys at Aquatic Lab Records were the first ones to play my music out actually; through their radio show Garage Pressure at FBI 94.5 in Sydney, as well as a show called Low Motion. I met all of them through Reload nights/dances. Sydney’s bass scene is pretty intimate which is really cool. But Deep Heads was the one that exposed my music to a larger audience and from there I’ve had support from various DJs across the bass scene, which is really surprising as I thought my tunes were slightly odd. It’s been great for me so far, I’m really grateful for the attention my music is getting.

TRUSIK: Outside of production, what other interests or hobbies do you dabble in? Do any of these activities inspire you creatively when returning to the studio?

TEEFREQS: Outside production I listen to loads and loads of music; new and old, obscure and popular. I skate sometimes and I swim whenever I can. I’m not sure if these things inspire me directly but my beliefs and spirituality affect my work, I would say.

TRUSIK: What else can we expect from TeeFreqs in 2013, is there any forthcoming material, or other interesting projects you can inform the readers on?

TEEFREQS: I have a forthcoming EP, Distant Colours Vol. 2 in October. There’s also a release in the pipeline with another label I highly respect but still in the process of negotiating the format & PR matters. Also, I’m working on some music for Saint Sly. That’s all I think.

TRUSIK: Take us through the mix you put together for us.

TEEFREQS: Classics and some favourites basically. And a couple of my own tunes that sum up my sound?? I’m not sure about that haha!

TRUSIK: Finally, your five favourite tracks at the moment…?

Drake (feat. Sampha) – Too Much
Tears for Fears – Pharaohs
Holy Other – Held
Tony Allen – Ole (Mortiz Von Oswald Remix)
Kloke – Terminal 12

Download: TeeFreqs – TRUSIK Exclusive Mix

[mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/TRUSIK/26-teefreqs-trusik-exclusive-mix/ width=100% height=208 hide_cover=1 hide_tracklist=1]

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