Gutcha: Exclusive TRUSIK Mix

Whilst temperatures plummet across the nation, new label Dubstrict Records are prepping their forthcoming releases with 001 featuring Nottingham producer, Gutcha. Rolling with the darker vibes, young Gutcha has already been featured on our friends sites; Dubsilo and MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire. To carry the momentum leading up to his Dubstrict release, he’s kindly prepared a 45 minute mix to highlight the “up & coming” producers who he reckons are going to make serious movements in 2012. We caught up with Gutcha and decided the best why to introduce him was to ask 12 fire round questions.

TRUSIK: What is your name and how did you acquire the alias Gutcha?

GUTCHA: My name is Arion Oates, I don’t know how I acquired the alias Gutcha, but typing the name into google, this pops up: Grand Unified Theory of Conspiracy and Human Achievement. Whatever that rubbish means, but we will go with it anyway.

TRUSIK: First thing you do in the morning?

GUTCHA: I don’t really know, I am not a morning person at all. Guess I stumble around half a sleep.

TRUSIK: If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

GUTCHA: Jedi mind tricks. Not really a superpower but it would make life easier.

TRUSIK: What is it about dubstep that draws you to the sound?

GUTCHA: Its down tempo, any music which has slow beat is going to draw my attention. And of course sub bass, it turns music into a physical form as you can feel the sub push air.

TRUSIK: If you could headline any festival / gig which one would it be?

GUTCHA: Outlook of course, that would just be mental. But it wouldn’t be a good idea as I would probably be really wasted and just wheel every tune.

TRUSIK: How did you hook up with Dubstrict Records?

GUTCHACoki played Mr Bonez – Power on Rinse FM, that tune is pure fire. When I found out it was forthcoming on Dubstrict, I knew the label had got it right.

TRUSIK: Choose one DJ you would like to do a b2b set with.

GUTCHAI heard David Guetta is pretty wild at one deck mixing. But in all seriousness, it would be yunx or n-type as they are both badmen on the decks.

TRUSIK: Favourite phrase when you hear a truly sick drop / bassline?

GUTCHABad man like the best things…..

TRUSIK: Which hours do you find you are most productive / inspired when it comes to writing beats?

GUTCHAUnfortunately 2am, I come into work the next day looking like a corpse.

TRUSIK: What else is forthcoming from Gutcha after the Dubstrict release?

GUTCHANothing set in stone at the moment, but I can assure I am working on an EP which is gonna be very different. Also, got some remixes and collabs in the pipeline. As always, keep ’em peeled!

TRUSIK: What other music do you listen to other than dubstep / bass driven music?

GUTCHAPost-rock and the good old days of hip-hop.

TRUSIK: Sativa or Indica?

GUTCHA: (laughs) Indica every day.


01. Perecpt – Seclusion
02. Jobi Wan – Distant Energy (Gutcha remix) [Dub]
03. Porta – Untiled [Dubstrict Records]
04. Gutcha – Dark Visions [forthcoming DS001]
05. Jobi Wan – Dark Blood
06. Loefah – Root (Compa Refix) [Dub]
07. Perverse – Helios [BASWGT016]
08. Anex – Counter It [STEP013]
09. Gutcha – Horizon [forthcoming KD001]
10. Blynk – Ghost [Dub]
11. Fable – Radar [Dub]
12. Congi – Critical [Dub]
13. Compa – Afraid VIP [forthcoming]
14. Perverse – Glacier [BASWGT016]
15. Tallan – Skanka VIP
16. Fable – Stick To The Plan [PNG005]
17. G.S-H & Jamie XX – NY Is Killing Me (Gutcha Refix) [Dub]
18. Gutcha – Kingston [Dub]
19. Trashbat – Vibrational Beings [Dubstrict Records]
20. Porta – Lost [forthcoming DS002]
21. Mala – Changes (Rednote Remix)


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