Halcyonic & G Roots – Once Upon’a Time EP [TRANS005]

TRANS005 entitled “Once Upon’a Time” features a 4 track EP best summarised as a roots and dubstep fusion from Bristol locals Halcyonic & G Roots.

The A-side is militant minded production with heavy horns backed with an array of instruments that give it an immersive Eastern vibe. This one DREAD! The C-side brings more of that high-low swing inna proper dub style, leisure use of reverbs and that dub siren all tied together with traditional reggae instruments – including live melodica from Halcyonic himself! A meditative yet fun track.

If you already knew, then you were one of the lucky 20 to secure a 7″ of this righteous plate – hand cut in Germany and hand stamped and numbered in the UK. If not, you can still grab the digitals of these, plus the accompanying B and D side’s on their Bandcamp below. To all our UK followers, be sure to reach out on June 23rd for the TRANS006 launch party at Cosies in Bristol.

TRANS005 is out now and available via the Transient Audio Bandcamp Store.

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