Indiji – Original Pressing EP [UA027]

A year since his last appearance as a feature on the Uprise Audio “Collective” LP, Indiji returns with another solo EP following up 2016’s “Purity” EP. Since joining the UA roster,  Indiji’s music has been up there as some of my favourite Uprise Audio records, with “Purity” possibly being my all time favourite. With his forward thinking production and very sub-driven music, Indiji has been at the forefront of bass music production. Slightly deviating from his regular style, he recently dropped a new EP which has its roots firmly planted in the original dubstep dubwise palette while keeping true to his signature sound.

Title track “Original Pressing” launches with sound design reminiscent of early jungle before a crisp drum pattern and vocal sample leads us into the dark distorted bassline stomp with no compromise to the upbeat nature of the track. Indiji once again demonstrates what he does best, perfectly balancing the percussion with a heavyweight sub line backed up with subtle dubwise samples resulting in a proper sound system dub. People familiar with my music taste will know I’m not keen of the overused dubwise influences within 140 in recent years, however Indiji’s “Original Pressing” proves that when implemented properly, it can result with a true nostalgic dubplate mood.

As you can deduct from the title, flip side track “Dubwise 07” has more dub influences present. Heavy delayed metallic percussion is accompanied by subtle sirens when a vocal sample prepares the listeners for what is about to come. In true dubwise fashion the perfectly mixed-in bassline turns this into a true headnoder. While I believe the used stabs and sirens work well within the track, they do sound a bit of the same old same old. Percussion wise, Indiji is on point as always – his signature heavy hitting snare makes sure to keep any true dubhead moving in the dance. Once again a quality release by the perfect combination that is Indiji on Uprise Audio.

UA027 is out now and available from Redeye, White Peach, Juno, Intense Records, Beatport and the Uprise Audio Store.

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