Jade Wells – Staring At The Sun EP [SATS001]

The first release from the new LA-based record label “Staring At The Sun” sees label boss Jade Wells bringing good vibrations with his 3 track EP. The title track opens with dreamy dub-esque melodies which intoxicate the listener before giving way to a funky beat with plenty of groove. When the rich bassline hits, you feel yourself getting dragged deeper into the track, as you become saturated with the vibe created by tribal percussion and dub-style delays.

On the B-Side, “Full Circle” has a driving beat created by prominent tribal percussion and punchy kicks, with off-beat high hats creating an infectious rhythm. The sub line adds warmth to the track and contrasts against the dreamscape created by the pads and leads above. The final track “Austah” brings a deeper ending to the EP. The sub line is rich and pulsing and the complex drums and percussion keep the body moving. The track is lifted by a meandering lead which flows through the track and helps accent the tribal percussion which is constant throughout.

The EP seems to draw influence from a seemingly endless list of musical genres, with Dub, Ambient and Funk being the standout styles to my ears. All of these are married together by that warm sub bass that we love.

SATS001 is out now and available from Redeye, White Peach, Juno and the Staring At The Sun Store.

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