Kaiko & Nereus: Exclusive TRUSIK Mix

We featured Kaiko & Nereus a while back in February around the launch of their new dubstep alias. To kick start the project, the duo gave away a free taster through TRUSIK, entitled “This One“. To be fair to the boys, it was a solid track with a killer bassline. With over a thousand plays on their Soundcloud, and close to 800 on our YouTube channel, it has been well received. Which brings us to phase two. The duo are ready to feed us some more and have prepared a special mix for us. Promoting new Kaiko & Nereus material, which has now been confirmed to be forthcoming on Olie Bassweight’s imprint, Bassweight Recordings, the mix features instantly recognisable tracks by the usual suspects and a couple of new ones for good measure. I caught up with Iain (DYP) and got him to shed some light on their background and what’s to come:

We both met at raves in Perth, Jimmy (Double1Seven) was more into DnB and breaks, while I’m more into 2-step garage, funky and that sort of sound. We both produced so we figured it’d be cool to work on some stuff together that was different to our other productions and since we were both getting into similar sounding dubstep at the same time (Jimmy actually introduced me to dubstep when he gave me a copy of Caspa and Rusko’s Fabriclive mix) we figured that’s what we’d start making. We were originally gonna be called DoubleDYP, but after a while it seemed a bit too jokey given the style of tunes we were making so we opted for Kaiko and Nereus, which were the only two vehicles in the world capable of getting to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, in other words, they could go deeper than anyone else (laughs). Our first EP is going to be coming out on the New Zealand label Bassweight Recordings and we’ve got a bit of interest from some other labels at the moment and we’ve got a bunch more tunes in the work.


  1. Cluekid – Swampman [Bullfrog]
  2. Kaiko and Nereus – Basic Dub [forthcoming Bassweight Recordings]
  3. LAS – Memories [Box Clever]
  4. Dubkasm – Strictly Ital (Peverelist Remix) [Sufferah’s Choice]
  5. Kaiko and Nereus – Patience [forthcoming Bassweight Recordings]
  6. Ylem – Syndetic [Dub]
  7. Dubkasm – More Jah Songs (RSD Remix) [Sufferah’s Choice]
  8. Kaiko and Nereus – Seismic Horror [Dub]
  9. Rekab – Looming [Dub]
  10. Killawatt – Sidewinder [Black Box]
  11. Kaiko and Nereus – This One [forthcoming Bassweight Recordings]
  12. Sleeper and District – LV 426 [Chestplate]
  13. Sarantis feat. Dialect and Asher Don – Nitroglycerine [Senseless]
  14. V.I.V.E.K – Soundman [Deep Medi]
  15. Pinch and Shackleton – Torn and Submerged [Honest Jon’s]
  16. TMSV – Myth [Box Clever]
  17. Deleted Scenes – Terminate [Deleted Scenes]
  18. DJ Madd – Bristol to Budapest [Black Box]
  19. Rekab and Rachel Deckard – Ill Not Chill [Dub]


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