Mesck – The Veil // Slang Suffocate [CHST041]

Distance enlists LA-based beat-monger Mesck for the newest Chestplate release. Mesck has made a name for himself with his gloriously dark artwork that has graced labels like Blacklist, Chestplate and Crucial Recordings. Having appeared on Baltimore’s GourmetBeats “LA EP” last year, he has been slowly ratcheting up his the quality of his productions after having spent some quality time in the studio with both Sleeper and Thelem. And it shows. For this release, Mesck comes into his own after sharing the spot-light with his brothers in bass.

“Slang Suffocate” is up first and sways with that hip-hop swagger that Crucial Recordings and select Thelem plates have been messing around with. With that characteristic Arturia Minibrute that has been cropping up across many productions over the past two years, “Slang Suffocate” has that sinister vibe with the help of some appropriate vocal work and low end weight that has been destroying dances from CO’s The Black Box and beyond.

Truly though, it is the flip you want. “The Veil” opens with eerie bells chimes that have been run through bit-crushing plugins and various sonic ghosts haunt the hallways and cracks between. REST IN PEACE. REST IN PEACE. REST IN PEACE. It builds to an almost EDM styled drop, but all is forgiven with a savage assault of sub-bass waves that’ll sear the flesh off the bone. Some Gantz-y rhythmic kicks give it a nice likkle dose of weirdness, but “The Veil” is designed for maximum dance carnage and isn’t polite about it. Instabag on sight, cuz Discogs will get the better of you if you sleep jabroni.

CHST041 is released May 26th and available from Unearthed Sounds, Redeye, White Peach, Juno and Intense Records.

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