Ollie 303 – Stuck Here In A Dream / Escapism VIP [BS004]

Cali’s Banana Stand welcomes Ollie 303 for their fourth dose of potassium-infused dubstep. Ollie 303 comes with two varied sides – the grime influenced lounge vibes of “Stuck Here in a Dream” and the dark rollage of “Escapism VIP”. Both are floor focused and purposefully engineered for maximum impact on big systems like Sinai, Tsunami and Void.

“Stuck Here in a Dream” opens rather regally, with a bright piano refrain and some soul vocalizations from a singer that I can’t place (+10 points to the more craftier sample hunters who can tell us who the singer is). With ‘ard snare cracks and square wave squalls, the actual rhythm stands in stark contrast to the melancholic vocals and half pretty piano melody. Underneath it all, sub has that punchiness that points to it’s grime roots. But really, for me, its about the anthemic vocals of the singer.

B-side wise, “Escapism VIP” is a dyed in the wool roller meant to be functional and damaging on the correct system. It’s oscillating sub is guaranteed to rattle your eyes and make your nose itch incessantly. It’s percussive palate is relegated to rollers as well, from it’s quicksilver hi-hats, bongos and its dungeon growls. Halfway through, the ghost of Jim Morrison echoes from the desert highway and reconstitutes “Escapism VIP” into a more traditional half-step stomper that breaks on through to the other side.

BS004 is released September 9th and available to pre-order from the Banana Stand Sound Store.

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