Premiere: Causa & Shu – Dubhelmet [IFS003]

It’s time again for some new bassweight pressure from the young yet steadily growing brand that is Infernal Sounds. Having once proved itself as the go-to YouTube channel for their up-to-date selections, that same dedication is proving to successfully work for Infernal’s newly founded label. The team has been working with a roster of talented and settled artists, and consequently, is certainly an imprint to keep an eye on. After releasing tunes from Perverse and Sepia, Causa and Shu step up for IFS003. At first listen, the Dubhelmet EP reminds me of the Sonic Boom events in Amsterdam with the King Shiloh rig: proper face melting business.

“Dubhelmet”, the title track which we’re premiering, is a collab between Causa and Shu which starts with a clinical intro that develops into a straight roller. Nothing can stop this tune from blowing up your speakers. The second track, “Dawn Chorus” built by Causa himself, is one of the highlights. Emphasising a more relentless side, the intro features chirps of the early morning bird soon followed by crushing bass. The bird continues to tweet as a vibrating bassline enters the sonic landscape. Last but certainly not least, is Shu’s solo track “System One”, a tune worth its name. A near haunting intro takes off into a sublow frequency with a stripped back approach. This one is certainly a favourite of mine.

IFS003 is released July 1st and available to pre-order from the Infernal Sounds Store.

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