Promise One: Exclusive TRUSIK Mix

We bring the mix series back to the UK for lucky #7 provided by Nick Granville-Fall aka Promise One. Previously featured and always supported by TRUSIK, Nick has been behind the scenes working steadily on a number of tracks. With a debut release on Glasgow based label; Reboot Records (which we sadly announce has now shut down) and featured on Sub Pressure’s Vol. 2 LP, Nick is by no means a big name in the scene but he certainly is one of the most underrated producers doing is thing out there at the moment. While the deeper side of dubstep is sprouting its roots in various musical directions; with tribal, spatial and dare I say it, dungeon infused notes, Nick’s productions focus more on up-beat, vocal chopped garage style beats tailoring his own sound whilst keeping his game unique. The result can all be heard on one of his latest tracks called Submersive, which has had SUB FM support and fingers crossed, is due to be snapped up by new label, Macabre Unit Digital (M.U.D.). Nick’s mix includes five of his own tracks, 2 released, 1 remix, 1 forthcoming and 1 brand new. As we always try to encourage; it’s a representation of Nick’s production, material he listens to and a source for inspiration that as a whole personifies Promise One. I can not state more, how much I would like to see Nick grow in the scene and become an instantly recognised producer. If you’re not familiar with Promise One, check out his Soundcloud then head over to his Facebook page and get following and supporting. For now, rest your ears on this mix he put together for us and share around.


  1. Promise One – Kilos (Dub)
  2. The Hundred In The Hands – Pigeons, Blawan’s Bare Bones Remix (Warp)
  3. Asa – Intimate (Echo Dub)
  4. Promise One – Submersive (Dub)
  5. Kahn – Way Mi Defend (Box Clever)
  6. Coleco – Joke (Skybrid Audio)
  7. Indigo – Connections (On The Edge)
  8. Project Midnight – Bella (Promise One’s Hard Knocks Cut)
  9. Fused Forces – Unprovoked Attack (Project Midnight Remix)
  10. Depone – Test Me (Z Audio)
  11. Rob Sparx – Independent-Life TRG-remix (DubTing)
  12. Promise One – Trabzon (Sub Pressure)
  13. Quark & Ruckspin – Wander (Ranking Records)
  14. Synkro – Hold On (On The Edge)
  15. Occult – Assassins (ICU:Audio)
  16. Haack – Condemned (Sub Pressure)
  17. Promise One – Glyph (Reboot Records)


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