Review: Asylum – Always Love / Bad Habit [UA006]

UA006 marks the third release of 2014 from Uprise Audio, featuring two dense pressured heavy hitting tracks from Asylum. Following up from Wayfarer’s “Afterlight” EP in January and the “Live From The Future” Extended Edition LP earlier in April, this two track release further cultivates Asylum’s signature style. A fortified fusion of movement oriented percussion and tribal accents mark both sides of the record. His compositions work upon stripped back minimalism that progresses with subtle additions and switch ups, coupled nicely with his definitive pads and atmospheric tone.

The A side features the much anticipated tune “Always Love”. The spatial intro showcases Asylum’s sparse minimalistic production, as spaced tribal hits lead into his signature crafted subs. An enchanting vocal sample meanders between the hard-hitting kick and sub bass pressure that permeates the field of sound. Crisp, full-bodied drum work pops through the thick sub bass, cultivating a powerful half step flow. This production is sure to grab the attention of dance floors all over the globe, as it carries a connotation of positivity while not sacrificing the sense of depth and darkness that Asylum’s music possesses. This track lingers in my mind as an exciting tune to mix as well as a fun tune to enjoy on the dance floor.

“Bad Habit” launches with deeply brooding synths crafted of tones that resemble Asylum’s individual sound. Carrying a less in-your-face vibe than the A side, “Bad Habit” fits perfectly on the flip with its’ half step flow and deep atmospheres. Reverberated tribal hits mash with the sub heavy kick drums across the track. Pungent mid ranges growl above a hefty sub bass that fortifies the foundation for this track. Each of the two tracks signifies different vibes from UA artist Asylum, both showcase his strengths in production and rhythm. It is intelligently constructed release from Asylum once again, following UA002 back in 2012, and is sure to stand a notch above with its’ crisp mastering and full-bodied sound.

UA006 is released June 16th and available from Juno Download.

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