Review: Baitface – Orbital / Substratum [BDMUP001]

Debuting on shiny-new label Badimup, is label owner Baitface, a questionable name for an unquestionable talent, delivering delectable bass beauts Orbital and Substratum on his second release in as many months.

Having seemingly taken pages from the bass gospels established by Icicle and Headhunter, Baitface infuses the styles of both whilst maintaining absolute control over them, wielding it as his own. Orbital itself sees elements of sound somewhat founded upon a little bit of the more poppy garage that was evident in the early-2000s but masterfully imposed over a dancey half-time, kick-snare riddim.

Substratum illustates Baitface’s consistency in his sound in relation to Orbital. They both sound so similar but very different at the same time, concocting the tracks with differing physicalities. Similarly to the garage-esque lead synth in Orbital, Substratum has one particular synth that takes prominence but times itself with the kick and bass giving it more punch and impact. Samples in Orbital are reminiscent of Commodo’s use of the “1984” sample in Surveillance and Substratum echoes Data’s use of Charlie Brooker in Leaves, contributing to the contrast and feel both tunes have.

Baitface promises to be a really interesting artist and with more releases like this, it won’t be long until he’s snapped up by a major label that can distribute his sound to more ears and chests.

BDMUP001 is out now and available from the Badimup Store.

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