Review: Biome – Cromos EP [TEMPA090]

Fresh of his self-released, refreshingly experimental, and sonically varied Layers EP, Biome debuts on Tempa with a 4-track EP that is compromised of Youngsta staples – battered to bits on #MinimalMondays and across various dances worldwide. Laden with lead heavy bass, progressive technoid song structures, and encased with diamond-edge drums patterns bruise with stoic precision. The EP sets it’s perimeters between the more techno-inspired affairs of ‘Cromos’ and ‘Delta’ and the brutal half-step crawlers of ‘Genesis’ and ‘Lost’.

‘Cromos’ comes correct with reinforced kicks that’ll will cave chest cavity. Biome’s characteristic mid-range bite snarls and swipes with shark-like intent while progressing into a heads down roller with tastefully subtle radar blips that scan the glacial, anhelous vacuum of space. Technoid percussive flourishes produces tarantism as the melancholic subconscious phantasies of the collective dance is absorbed through the implicit aggression of ‘Cromos’. Meanwhile, ‘Genesis’ is a tuff and ruff floor mover that has the requisite bass, pace, space that makes Yunx’s ears prick up. Clean, clinical and precise sub fluctuations will move air with enough force to mistake it for an act of God, a punishment, a divine wind wrought loose. ‘Delta’ harkens back to ’06 dreadnaught style in the vein of Loefah’s ‘Root’. Pneumatic sub dive-bombs give you just enough room to catch your breath before being pulled back down about 15Hz or so to be exact. While the sub acrobatics will cause most of the dance to figuratively lose their shit, what gets me going is that mesmeric percussion. Dangerously hypnotic the way a mirror is, the repeating hi-hats form a type of ‘rhytho-melodic’ sensibility as adds splashes of color to the otherwise steely ‘Delta’. Biome’s signature growls are placed with careful consideration while spirals of ambience swirl back into themselves as an ouroboros does.

Nervous and hollow, a voice mutters “sometimes lost is where you need to be… just because you don’t know your direction… doesn’t mean you don’t have one…” ‘Lost’ radiates toxic atmospheres comprised of dank reverbs and psychotic neuro – lashes sizzle like lemon juice across a cut make this another that Yunx has been battering. If I remember correct, when I saw him in Baltimore, he dropped this with Proxima’s ‘Trapped’ and then into J:Kenzo’s ‘Feel It VIP’… needless to say, I got buck. ‘Lost’ is perfect to slip between those SP, Proxy and the more half-steppy Killawatt tunes if you wanna go ruthless on the dance.

To conclude, Biome’s ‘Cromos’ EP strikes a nice balance between the more progressive aspects rooted in Biome’s tunes and contrasts them with two absolute floor wreckers that Yunx has been singing the praises of for the past couple months. While not as experimental as his self-released ‘Layers’ EP, Biome shows off why his tunes are in such demand by scene taste-makers.

TEMPA090 is out now and available from Juno Download.

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