Review: Bob Marley – Exodus (Compa Dub Mix) [EXODUS001]

Much like his limited pressing of “Murda Dub”, Compa returns with his rerub of Bob Marley’s Exodus on a vinyl only, limited pressing with no signs of repress, so be quick! Trading the driving, steppas riddim of the original, Compa reconfigures the sub towards more lumbering ’06 styles, and a fractured percussive loop that’s slathered in delay, crisp reverb and tasteful flanging. Not only does the percussion and bass DNA get spliced, but so do the vocals, with liberal amounts of panoramic echo that only heighten Bob’s already soaring and triumphant voice. Like I said before, the limited pressing is sure to be instabagged by the heads, so if you like your LionCharge and ZamZam plates, be sure to scoop this one in time!

EXODUS001 is out now and available from Redeye and Juno.

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