Review: Commodo – Buckwild / Axis [MEDI061]

For the die-hard dubstep vinyl collector, it’s been hard to keep up with Deep Medi lately. Every collector worth their salt has to top up every couple of weeks due to the fact that each release from camp MEDi is so bloody good! Commodo’s third release on the prolific label maintains this quality and further exhibits his own.

I can’t help but compare “Buckwild” to the style of the label’s owner, Mala, especially with “In Cuba” out next week, the similarity is unquestionable. A lot of wooden percussion dominates the opening, soon accompanied by double kicks that set the overall stomping pace of the track, eventually providing prelude to pulsating sub bass. A distinct siren takes command at two points, disappearing in oscillation. Again, this element reminiscent of some of Mala’s discography.

“Axis” is the result of sitting a piano on a hench spring and being all but gentle with the keys… Well, probably not but guess that could be the closest analogy that could be drawn. Subsequent to the epileptic piano, “Axis” begins to traverse the Orient, Commodo taking advantage of Eastern influence. MEDI061 is what you expect from Deep MEDi Musik and Commodo, consistent excellence in bass music production. So far, it’s a partnership that has and will continue to go from strength to strength.

 MEDI061 is available from the Deep Medi Store.

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