Review: Commodo vs Lurka – Capisce? / Glue Sniff Riddim [BLACKBOX030]

Commodo and Lurka are both accomplished artists, each bringing a unique idea to the table, and serving it as a breath of fresh air. In a scene which has exploded beyond people’s imagination in the last couple of years, only the strong, most creative minds, who carve their own distinct sound will survive. Commodo and Lurka fit into this category. Both have been fortunate to distribute their music on some of the most looked to labels; Commodo with three releases on Deep Medi and now two with Black Box; Lurka with two on Box Clever and now three with Black Box. For two new school producers, this is far from a bad start to a healthy and fruitful career.

Capisce? / Glue Sniff Riddim serves as a second outing for a possible Commodo vs Lurka series on Black Box. The duo twisted heads with their first techy-halfstep compositions Airtight / Gassin, and the winning formula returns to devastate the dance with two crafty brazen beats. Capisce? reminds me of an updated futuristic version of Rec Room, one of my favourite Commodo productions. A prolong unwavering piano cord is entangled with beautiful percussion, swift hi-hats and a rippling bassline. On the flip, Glue Sniff Riddim sounds like a sonic cross-breed of Airtight and the second drop on Lurka’s Refresher. A ravaging riddim that has no mercy for the weak.

BLACKBOX030 is released October 1st and available from Juno Download.

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