Review: Commodo – $pace Cash EP [MEDI071]

Commodo’s fourth release on the seminal imprint Deep Medi Musik marks the 71st vinyl release from the label. The three tracks push forward the creative direction that both Commodo and Mala have been striving for. Channeling his own fortified fusion of funk driven synthetic rhythms, and unique percussive arrangements, the $pace Cash EP sets out to showcase the forward direction that his productions carry.

‘$pace Cash’ commences with a single synth line, building around subtle vinyl crackle and crisp drum accents. Pungent bass weight carries through out the tune, surrounding the listener in a state disassociation. Powerful lead synths, coupled with Commodo’s signature mid ranges create a definitive soundscape lingering with a techy musicality beneath.

The middle track of the three ‘Straight Reptilian’ compiles 4×4 elements with respect to percussion, however the prevalent hit of the snare fortifies that ‘half-step’ dubstep sound which most listeners are instantly familiar with. The vocal hook ties this track together tightly. Commodo’s mixture of light and dark undertones is accompanied nicely by variations within the drums and the shuffle of the beat as a whole. Drawing influences from techno, dub/reggae and garage, ‘Straight Reptilian’ pays homage to the creative ingenuity that keeps a genre, and community of music moving forward. A fresh take on the dubstep sound, although sitting at 127bpm – this track is my pick of the three.

‘Wish’, the last tune on the EP illustrates Commodo’s precision placement of melodic components. Strong kicks and snares pair nicely with the pitter-patter of the drum accents. A number of different synth elements harmonize together throughout the body of the tune. Commodo’s music has continually resonated distinguished composition. Colourful chords pair with the half-step snare, wrapping around deep undulating bassline through out.

MEDI071 is available from the Deep Medi Store.

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