Review: Compa & Ipman – Let Them / Earths Orbit [BOKA044]

BOKA records goes on the retro tip with the 44th release, deciding to have a cassette release of Compa and Ipman’s ‘Let Them’ and ‘Earth’s Orbit’. It’s an unusual choice on the part of BOKA, but the collectors and the fanboys will certainly snatch them up so be quick to snag your own before they are gone. BOKA044 marks Compa’s first release of the new year which finds him honing his sound and collaborating with another producer.

‘Let Them’ finds Compa linking up with Killawatt’s partner in the crime, Ipman and opens deep deep in the outer reaches of dubspace with mournful, quivering synth notes until the psychonaut reaches the endpoint as dissonant, barely there violins screech. A skulking beast emerges as Ipman performs some sonic alchemy with detailed and precision sound design that merges wriggling, ear worming aural ephemera. Pots and pan percussion keep ‘Let Them’ moving, as the track does not heavily rely on the standard dubstep formula of a snare the third beat, instead ‘Let Them’ is more propelled by the sonic witchcraft and the mantra-like sub. Compa’s characteristic mid-range adds that needed grit to make your face go screwy in addition to his tasteful minor key synth work is envelops but doesn’t oppress. All in all, ‘Let Them’ plays to both producers strengths that showcases the signature production styles, rather than a collaboration that seems like one producer overshadowing the other in the studio.

Ditching Ipman on the B-side, Compa crafts the deadly serious club wrecking steppa, ‘Earth’s Orbit’. A vocal raga rises towards the sun, both wistful and wanting, until the hymn gets refracted and echoes off towards dubspace. Compa goes straight for the throat, designing a sub that can cave in a chest and stop a weak heart, it simply makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention. A playful, cavorting bitcrushed melody floats atop, bouncing around your head like some type of spirit. And it’s all supported by tuff drums and Compa’s menacing mid-range growls that will bury a soundbwoy or two. ‘Earth’s Orbit’ could and would bring a tear to Mala’s eye.

With more stuff in the works, Compa will be a busy man this year and what a way to welcome 2014 with these two tunes. Personally, I would have liked for ‘Earth’s Orbit’ as the the A-side, that’s just my opinion. Either way, BOKA044 is a stellar release from a producer who has definitely paid his dues and looks poised to solidify his position as a producer/DJ to be reckoned with. His collaboration with Ipman is a sign of this direction, and I can only see growth from the encounter (production wise). I hope more collaborations between other artists and Compa are in the works. In summation, Compa’s first wax of the new year is insta-bag status and be quick about it!

BOKA044 is available from the official Boka Bandcamp.

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