Review: Compa – Narabeh / Alpha [MEDi075]

Finally! Compa graces the foundational label Deep Medi with two purified sublow rollers, Narabeh and Alpha. On top, Compa opens with Narabeh. We float into the vast reaches of dubspace until piercing mentasms and bird chatter bring us back from the astral plane. Tribal drums thunder out from some subterranean cave, as if calling forth a long forgotten god into being. Meanwhile the sub-bass formation mimics that offset techno x dubstep rhythmic pivot thats been explored by heads like Killawatt and Kryptic Minds.

However, the real gem is Alpha. That paranoid bleep demands our attention – a siren call for us to get our skank on. Quaking bass hits rattle the body and the mind as apparitional nyabinghi percussion patters along until Jah’s praises ring out across the seraphic expanse. This one is for the eyes-down, hood up ganja smokers. Lighters up!

MEDI075 is available from the official Deep Medi Store.

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