Review: Compa – Truth In Sound EP [MEDI091]

Compa returns to Deep Medi with a long overdue EP, last appearing on the label way way back in 2013 with the still crucial “Alpha” backed by “Narabeh” on the flip. With his new release we get treated with four tracks of varying styles suitable for any deep head; steppas, ’07 wobblers and technoid fusions. All bases are covered; there’s something for every taste and I’m sure this will worm it’s way into the bags of more than a few selectors.

Title track “Truth in Sound” is a dyed in the wool UK steppa. With plastic digi horns delightfully dubbed out and spring reverb cavernously dripping, the urgent undertow of the bass is the sole focus as it heaves. The perfect DJ tool with its minimalist arrangement, but with splashes of color provided by the plaintive horns, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Channel One’s own Ras Kayleb chanting down Babylon with this throbbing underneath. Meanwhile, we get dragged back in the skunked out dungeon with “Noctule” (fun fact: noctules are a type of bat species). With a clipped and frantic voice telling us we can’t go back and something else equally disturbing if not more so because I can’t make out what is said only adds to the mounting dread. Spectral siren wails or banshee screeches blur together, panting breath enter the soundfield and subharmonic oscillations burst your ribcage open as your heart chakra would if you had one.

The heads know early dubstep’s fascination with far east melodies, from Kode9’s sino-grime mix, Skream’s “Monsoon”, even TMSV’s “Myth” all play off the mystical vibes that are associated with the rather reductive and limiting word “Far East”. However, PC cultural appropriation aside, Compa’s “Tibetan Chant” plays with this aesthetic data with low in the mix chants of monks, flute melodies and loose tribal rhythmics that hit like old Loefah. Closing out with Joe Nice (and mine) favorite off the EP, “Four Four Claps” is all technoid stomp that hammers on a big system. I’ve witnessed the dubplate ambassador batter this tune on acetate for a few years now. It’s blend-ability (the tune literally will blend with anything!!!) the drop that wubs with ’07 panache, the cheesy but not cheesy synths that assemble, dissemble, and reassemble all work together to create a killer that’ll get the dancers all kinds of riled up. Trust.

Truth In Sound is out March 11th and available from Unearthed Sounds, Redeye, Kudos, White Peach, Intense Records and the Deep Medi Store.

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