Review: Cyrus – Nostalgia / Rupture [CHST019]

An artist has not made it until they have stamped a trademark sound which they are recognised for. SP:MC and LX One are a classic example. Commodo has become a definitive contemporary example. Cyrus is more than an example. Releases under the scene’s most prolific labels; Tectonic, Deep Medi, Black Box, and Chestplate, Cyrus’s compositions are rapidly sort after. His trademark? No one does sub heavy bass combined with hi-hat / cymbal precision like Cyrus. “Titan”, the monstrous collaborative piece with Distance is my favourite ‘go to’ example. The intricately placed cymbal production leads the track which is already entirely underpinned by one of the most menacing sub driven basslines I have ever laid my ears on. Unfortunately, that masterpiece still rests as a dubplate and I am finding myself sidetracked.

CHST019 sees Cyrus return to a former label to once again bombard our sternums with raw sub pressure like no other. The leading track, “Nostalgia” opens with solid kicks, staggered reverberating vocals and distinctive hi-hat clashes before that all too familiar swaying bassline plummets sending the soul into a hypnotic trance. Cyrus’s flawless cymbal strikes are evident more than ever as the elements melt with an aquatic melody beautifully gliding over the the bass and percussion.

The swaying head nodder of “Nostalgia” is then confronted by it’s flip side counterpart, “Rupture”, which abruptly responds, “Time to lay down some serious sound”. This time a resonating sub carries the track whilst juggling a momentous stomp, light rhythmic hi-hats and sporadic clappers occasionally provoked by electrifying synths. Both Nostalgia and Rupture encapsulate my philosophy on artist hallmark. Minimal in composition – unrivalled sub bass & percussion in production. This is Cyrus at his best.

CHST019 is released May 28th and is available from Bleep and Juno Download.

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