Review: Fill Spectre – Battle for Spice / Distinct Motive – Krome [BS002]

San Diego label, Banana Stand Sound, returns for its second dose of potassium. Both sides are ready for a soundclash with two rude bwoy wubblers from new-comers, the Canadian Fill Spectre (who has a forthcoming plate on Joe Nice’s GourmetBeats label) and Distinct Motive. These tunes and producers should be on the tips of your tongues right now and both tunes are guaranteed to get the rewind (or two). Aimed solely for the skankers and the big bassbins with enough sub weight to jiggle your skeleton to gelatin!

Gritty like sand and with portents of death from the Bene Gesserit order, Fill Spectre’s Dune-inspired “Battle for Spice” squirms with antagonistic riffage, indebted to the spice worms, that keeps plummeting beneath the sands of Arrakis. With choice samples (that “WORM ATTACK” kills me every time) and an almost metal inspired switch-up midway through is pure gun-finger material. Post second drop, the proceedings get weirder with church bells, morphing sine waves and Godzilla screams. Properly demented stuff!

Distinct Motive’s aptly titled “Krome” lives up to its namesake with DMZ rooted mid-range snarls and patois interjections. Sweet and simple with the banana clip uzi fire of the hi hats, low slung oscillating sines, and finger snap snares for a sure fire DJ weapon that’ll have the floor eating out of the palm of your hand. Instabag and insta-reload!

BS002 will be released November 23rd, pre-orders from

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