Review: Fornax – Desolate / Unconscious // Imprinted [KAIUM002]

We were fortunate enough to catch up with the owner of Kaium Records, Daniel ‘Soul Captive’ at the end of 2012, just prior to Kaium Records’ first EP from Widowmaker. The feature shined some light upon this newly founded record label, pushing the digital format as well as releasing 180g 12” vinyl. Backed by ST Holdings and having a solid first release in the catalogue; KAIUM002 pushes on with two solid tracks from Fornax, and a collaboration with Content.

The two selections on the vinyl release, ‘Desolate’ & ‘Unconscious’ both resonate pungent bass weight and playful synthetic undertones. Side A, ‘Desolate’ encompasses technical percussive arrangements with Fornax’s signature midrange and low-end sound. The layering amidst the atmosphere on the A side is intense. The presence of a detailed soundscape presents itself behind all of the intermittent beeps and flowing pulsations of the bass line. The murky, unsettled bass line is seemingly forced into motion across the span of each 32 bars as the bass notes fluctuate. Solid movement from within the half-step construct of this tune further details Fornax’s dark, contagious presentation. Although ‘Desolate’ does not sacrifice any of its’ dance floor energy, it is far more rigid than its flipside counterpart. I am definitely looking forward to mixing this one frequently.

The flipside ‘Unconscious’ unleashes rolling dance floor energy with its’ tech-y high-end synth work and furious kick drums. Sudden wood block hits stagger across the phrase coupled by a wicked tribal drum line. Vivaciously animated bass weight spans across ‘Unconscious’ with ample presence placed on the percussive elements as well. Fornax has developed his own blend of bass weight and mid range that can almost be acknowledged instantly following the drop. Both A & AA are choice picks for the record bag, as each of them brings forth a different element to the mix. ‘Desolate’ being an innovative approach to the build of half step and the latter of the two ‘Unconscious’, is a solid rolling dubstep track, with an emphasis on keeping the energy in the dance.

For those who choose to purchase digitally, or for those who purchase the vinyl off the Kaium Records Surus store, you will be privy to the digital exclusive track ‘Imprinted’ by FNC (Fornax & Content). These two have been busy crafting unique tracks together, as is brought forth with this tune. The vocal sampling on the intro speaks to the more cerebral, deep-headed listener, as the track title ‘Imprinted’ is the focal point of that sample. I can appreciate a concise hook such as the one on this track.

It is interesting to observe the amount of producers sampling audio revolving around specific areas of discussion, such as reality, dreams and the media/government/control systems. This query of subject matter is that which a lot of younger open minds seem to be gravitating towards these days. These are the people who are contributing to the collective awareness from within our world, our universe, and it is brilliant. Not only does it work with the vibes of a lot of the music; but also it truly draws together ones’ love for the sounds with the presence of something beyond the frequencies, a message conveyed only by a deeper understanding for the music, and the minds behind creation.

KAIUM002 will be released on vinyl and digital format early March.

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