Review: Grenier – Say Something / Here Come The Dark Lights [PPRO17]

San Francisco’s Grenier, formally known as DJG, dropped a new EP single on Photek’s label this week. Known for his richly melodic and emotive approach to production, Say Something / Here Come The Dark Lights are two “soulful syncopated grooves that retain the bass driven momentum of Grenier’s dubstep roots and display a 90’s tech influence”.

His bass-heavy, tech-drenched, soulful productions have already found home to the GetDarker and Tectonic imprints, and a quick browse of his Soundcloud page would suggest he’s not slowing down any time soon. If any of our American readers are looking for a consistent, non-tear out producer from the United States, Grenier is for you. If you like this EP single, support and go buy. If you’re smart, you would also head over to his Soundcloud page for a free download: DJG – With U (Again).

PPRO17 is out now and available from Juno Download.

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