Review: Headhunter – Atijo / Inà [TRSR004]

Last year, Antony Williams finally brought his classic Headhunter alias back to life with a two-tracker for our Trusik Recordings imprint, which showcased a sound that was informed by his works as Addison Groove, but marked a return to cherished dubstep patterns. With this new single, for which he also revived his own Transistor label, Headhunter follows the same tracks while pushing things further. “Atijo” and “Inà” are two 136 BPM rollers that display Headhunter’s interest in less conventional rhythmic templates and detailed track construction.

The first few seconds of opener “Atijo” should be enough to convince most listeners: rolling drums slowly creep their way into the mix, enhanced by undefinable stabs and chanting that evidence Headhunter’s impressive sense of sound design. All these sounds echo against each other, leading to the deep main section, conducted by a rattling bassline over which rhythms and sounds flow in and out, breathing on their own yet still taking part in a greater whole. “Inà” is even more stunning, though it follows the same guidelines. Rhythms overlap, compete with each other, leaving space for a wobbling bassline to lead the way. The result is dazzling, as the track hits hard without resorting to any easy effect: much as its predecessor, “Inà” seems to follow its own route, with unexpected curves that only bring its sounds deeper.

These two tracks are sufficient to state once more how welcome Headhunter’s return to the scene is: no one else produces tracks like these. “Atijo” and “Inà” are both excellent and prove that ten years after his first release, Headhunter keeps on developing his own touch, helped by his unique sense of rhythm and detailed sounds: needless to say, we are eagerly waiting for his next releases.



TRSR004 is out now and available from Unearthed Sounds, Redeye, White Peach, Rewind Forward, Bleep and Intense Records

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