Review: Jack Sparrow – Hold and Pull EP [MEDI087]

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a release from Jack Sparrow, and with the legendary ‘Afraid Of Me / Good Old Days’ 12″, my expectations were high for this new Deep Medi plate. The three track EP opens with the energetic ‘Hold and Pull’. A beautifully delayed hi-hat marks the start of this track, layered with fast-paced and panned bongos which slowly automate out of their low pass filter. Pads set the mood, followed by a rastafarai vocal sample. Unlike a lot of release lately, there is no reverb snare or dub echo guitar when it drops. A steady flowing kick keeps the energy rolling, while the bongos finally completely emerge out of the low pass. A reese midrange that reminds me of early Sleeper & District tracks fills in the final gaps to create a refreshing roller.

People who have been to Outlook Festival will know why this track is called ‘Pula Riddim’. In true dubwise style Jack Sparrow has created a summer stepper. A pressing sub and reggae keys ensure the Pula vibe. Added elements in the form of hi-hats, bongos and a jazzy saxophone help the track to progress from a weighty half stepper into a a proper dancefloor track.

My personal favourite on this EP. ‘Where Am I’ begins with an intro that could be straight out of a 60’s sci-fi film, and synth work that sounds like nothing else within the genre lately. This is an absolute monster of a track. A constant variation in synths and sound design makes sure the listener stays interested and on his/her toes. The almost electronic sounding percussion packs a punch making sure to destroy any dance. The best track I’ve heard in this style since Headhunter’s ‘Prototype VIP’.

Jack Sparrow has once again done what he does best. Putting out progressive music that has helped shape the current dubstep scene.

MEDI087 is out now and available from the Deep Medi Store.

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