Juss B – Can’t Stop EP [UA017]

I know many DJs who like to claim they have a special connection with music, that it started at an early age and so on. I do not want to sound like that when I say this, but just to illustrate where it all began for me, the first album I ever owned was the soundtrack to Space Jam. I know, it is pop culture at this point, not “real rap”, but I was 9 years old and living in Latin America so I might be excused not to be “in-the-know”. A few years later, the first CD I ever purchased was “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”. I had other phases growing up but it was American rap that first sparked my interest in music, and the influence runs deep.

In a very short time Juss B has managed to show how powerful this influence can be when properly laid out in the framework of spaced out beats and sub bass aesthetics of dubstep. Already on his second release with Uprise Audio, the “Can’t Stop” EP takes all this a step further. Slurry leads flowing over a torrent of sub bass, while melodic and vocal contours flow around like echoing thoughts in the mind of a madman, these are some powerful sonic tools.

As usual, Juss B and Uprise Audio offer us some great production value, with tight and powerful basslines, bright high-end and smooth integration of elements. I am happy to see artists pushing the boundaries of musical genres and offering unique views of what it can become. I have said elsewhere how important it is for an artistic community to attract people of different perspectives and backgrounds, and this release is a great display of such health in our community.

UA017 is released June 3rd and available from Juno Download.

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