Review: LX ONE – Reflect / Distorted Politics [WHEELYDEALY043]

Things have been somewhat quiet for LX One as he preps his debut album. Either way, his next single feeds us the nectar. N-Type’s Wheel and Deal label finally drops MinimalMonday favorite ‘Reflect’, backed with surprisingly meditative, tribalist work out of ‘Distorted Politics’. Following Tempa’s aural ideology of massive subs, lots of empty space, and a percussion-sense paranoid – not any likkle soundbwoy will withstand when the speakerbox rocks.

On the front end, ‘Reflect’ seeps like a fog rolling in, hollow blue atmospheric noise generated by synths creep unto that voice utters REFLECT! REFLECT! REFLECT! A clarion call to look with inside yourselves, an eye-socket shivering sub becomes armed with spherical wubs the color between purple and yellow. Crisp 808 accents keep things tastefully refined given that rude bassline. Short, sweet, direct, and without pretense ‘Reflect’ is designed to smash floors and systems anywhere. However, with such a bombastic A-side, I’m more interested in the flip, ‘Distorted Politics’. Surprisingly, it’s a much more low-key affair. With a tribalist agenda, Mala would be remiss to not have this in his bag. Armed with natty bongos and an undulating sub in the soundsystem tradition, ‘Distorted Politics’ builds to a climax as a soft, ever increasing blip moves the mind to other spaces. The rhythmic negative space is filled with noxious aerosols or the smoke of a spliff (or two). A perfect roller, yet powerful enough to hold its own and sway the dancers to and fro, ‘Distorted Politics’ (for me) comes out on top of ‘Reflect’.

Keeping with his overall sonic persona, LX One graciously tides us over, teasing us for his long-awaited and eagerly anticipated solo debut. For now, us soundbwoys and soundgyals will have these two riddims to slake our thirst and subdue our hunger until the main course arrives.

WHEELYDEALY043 is out now and available from Unearthed Sounds, Redeye, Boomkat and Juno Download.

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