Review: Maidu – The Way I See You [SMU006D]

A quick scan of the internet to find material built by Maidu won’t leave you with much. In fact, chances are you’ll only find the featured single, “The Way I See You”, Maidu’s debut release on Smudge Music. It’s a brilliant piece of electronic music, from the atmospheric opening featuring Eastern flutes and guitar chords to the Angelic vocals provided by Heather Findlay, who really makes this track glow. The engineering behind the music is a testament to true musical craftsmanship with a diverse range of elements, each adding a fruitful layer to it’s seven minute composition. I played this to a friend, and before I told him who it was by, he turned to me smiling and said, “Gotta love Submotion Orchestra”.

Funnily enough, Ruckspin is a member of Submotion Orchestra. He’s also one half of Author, a new project launched with Jack Sparrow, who took such a liking to “The Way I See You”, he decided to build a remix for the Smudge release. Switching the tempo up to 170bpm, Sparrow does what he does best, tailoring the track with a new edge, notably the impressive percussion work, yet maintaining Maidu’s foundational brickwork, a humble move as to not take all the credit. After all, any real follower of his work will know the man’s abilities and his unprecedented work with Ruckspin. As if a Sparrow remix wasn’t enough, Smudge label owner, Tzfat boldly steps up to complete the circle with a Breakbeat remix, equally as magnificent in production. Overall, the single EP caters for a number of heads who enjoy the dance, whether it be the steppers, the drum & bassists or the break-beaters.

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