Malleus & Saule – Bad Kids EP [GB005]

Joe Nice serves up another plate of Gourmet Beats for their fifth course with American dubsteppers Malleus and Saule. Three tunes total – a collaboration and a tune a piece from both. 100% certified organic, free range, non-GMO American dubstep of the highest order. Signs portend to the label not slowing down and clear to see why when these kinds of tunes are being released right now.

First up, the collab entitled “Bad Kids” – a lean stomper that revolves around some sort of detuned bell or wind chime field recording that gives off that time honored horror movie trope of a children’s music box spewing some demonic melody. However, the descending 808 bass and trap-ish snare rolls gives “Bad Kid” that rudebwoy swagger. Spring load snares that have been treated with various reverbs and and echoes imbue it some Jamaican DNA and the choir of voices that punctuate detail the story of record labels, creative control, the fear of failure. It truly speaks to what American dubstep’s nightmares are.

Next up is Saule’s summer jam “Kalakuta” which has a tribalist flair that revolves around an instantly scene stealing sample lifted from what I believe is a Fela Kuti record (sample hunters let us know other wise). A hot and humid sax refrain set us up for a flurry of cow-hide drums, tabla pops and cow hoof shakers that cook up a beautiful groove. Underneath, the sub rolls with subtle funk. It’s a total package and your boy’s pick outta the bunch.

Lastly is one of Joe’s personal favourites that’s been battered left, right and center across too many systems to count – Malleus’s “Parce qu’il est Mort”. French for “Because it’s Death” (Al can attest to this). Aquatic and swampy with what sounds like a broken organ tumbling out a melody that’s both strangely optimistic and dread-filled. Its constant stop start dynamics are a head trip and will give the dancers something to really cut shapes about. A constant barrage of voices probably ripped from Malleus’s VHS collection of horror movies aren’t much to assuage the listener’s paranoia as other worldly textures weave a sonic collage of impending doom.

GB005 is released June 3rd and available from Unearthed Sounds, Redeye, White Peach, Intense Records and Juno Download.

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