Review: Seven – Walter White / MediEvil / Tension Builds [UA003]

Launching out of thin air, Uprise Audio has taken the underground by storm. Dubtek led the label’s inauguration with an outstanding release, closely followed by Asylum’s “Blindfold” which has battered dance floors at every sound system event. Both records were quickly sought after, selling out within weeks of announcement. It only made sense that the label’s creator took the spotlight next.

Backed with an impressive discography, admirable reputation, and a highly motivated label partner, Seven has once again raised the bar for himself and Uprise Audio. The record’s opener, “Walter White” is by far his most innovative and stimulating production to-date. A potent groove of tightly controlled bass, razor sharp snares and reverberating vocals are strengthened by a set of ringing cow bells before catching the listener off guard with a trembling electro riffage, guaranteeing a yell out or more likely, the wheel up. #minimalmonday regulars will confirm the Rinse FM studio goes off every time this is reached for. In fact, I have yet to hear this track live without the wheely treatment.

On the flip, “MediEvil” opens with a traditional Seven soundscape before the climaxing cinematics drop with what can only be described as a thunderous “evil” bassline, underscored by the ringing “80s esque” synth cords and hollow drums. It’s a moody, eyes down stepper with a virulent edge, yet slightly on the repetitive side. For the digital heads, Seven is throwing in a third bonus track, “Tension Builds”. An exhilarating hybrid beat of techno neurofunk aesthetics driven forward with a jump up groove and subliminal percussion. At first listen, the mind concludes Headhunter or Icicle, or possibly both, which is the beauty of Edward’s output. The man is an architect of many styles, and upon hearing all three tracks, I never guessed Seven on the buttons. UA003 demonstrates the maturity of Seven’s technical development in the studio bringing new life to his sound, and label.

UA003 is released March 11th and is available from Juno Download.

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