Review: Sleeper – Burn Finger EP [CRUCIAL004]

After introducing the world to yungblood Foamplate, Sleeper and Crucial Recordings kicks 2016 in the face with another heavy slab of skunked out speaker worship – three slices of high grade 140 for those who just wanna bussa skank with their hoods up in the front row.

The aptly titled “Spread Out” shimmers into being through an endless feedback loop from a Roland Space Echo and the percs are dubbed out lovingly until the sub swan dives and is armed to the teeth with some updated DMZ wubblage. Behind the mixing board, Sleeper does his best Mad Professor impersonation as he slathers flanger, various delays, and all sorts of reverb onto each and every percussive element for that Black Ark psychedelia.

“Burn Finger Dub” is tad more sunny with its offbeat keyboard stabs echoing into infinite sapphire fractals. Almost out of nowhere, organic mid range appears within this Kingston trot, but honestly its the Rhythm and Sound aesthetics of the keyboard skanks that really makes this one an excellent DJ tool and proper deadly if mixed with the right steppa.

Lastly is the floor stopping bliss of “Prayer Room”. Filled with harmonium drones that wouldn’t sound outta place onna Nomine track (winky emoji), the tune feels more like something off a rare trip hop comp or what some stoned LA beat maker cooked up and thats not a bad thing if you ask me.

CRUCIAL004 will be released January 22nd and is now available to pre-order from Unearthed Sounds, Redeye and White Peach Records.

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